Welcome to "Snow Thyme"

December through March


Snow Thyme starts with the first snowfall, normally Mid-December and ends when the snow is no longer playable, sometime late March. 

Yes, there are still farm chores that need to be done at Past Thyme but Snow Thyme is the when you make up for the long hours of summer.

Experience winter on a farm in the Pacific Northwest.  With the Wenatchee National Forest nearby, a “Farm Stay” at Past Thyme Farm makes a perfect staging area for many memorable outdoor ventures.

Whether it be downhill skiing at Mission Ridge or snowshoeing a high mountain trail, we can get you there with a “Farm Stay” at Past Thyme Farm.

Please take a moment, click on either the “On-Farm” or “Off-Farm” icon below and review our extensive list of “Snow Thyme” activities.

When you have decided what you would like to do and where & when you would like to do it, then please just go to our convenient Availability Calendar and place your desired reservation.  It’s really that simple!

We will be contacting you to answer any questions, review your chosen itinerary, and hopefully finalize your unique “Farm Stay” at Past Thyme Farm. 

“On-Farm” Winter Activities  

“Off-Farm” Winter Activities

We are passionate about our farming lifestyle and look forward to sharing our passion with you!!