Welcome to – “Farm Thyme”

April through November

It starts in April with the lambing of our Soay Sheep and wraps up around Thanksgiving with the last & best turkey giving it up.  In between we farm… the subsistence way!   

We plant, grow, harvest and process throughout Farm Thyme. 

"Farm Stay"
with us through any of these processing times and you to can reap the rewards of living off the land. If you’re not interested in participating, no problem!  Just grab your fishing pole, mountain bike or hiking staff .  Within three miles of our farm there are multiple hiking & biking trails to explore and three mountain lakes for the fishing enthusiasts.

Please take a moment, click on either the “On-Farm” or “Off-Farm” icon below and review our extensive list of Farm Thyme activities.

Many of the things that happen on our farm or in the forest are seasonal.  So check out our Blog to review when events occurred last season and/or just give us a call.  We will be glad to assist you in finding the
best Thyme or Season for the activities that you and your group are seeking.

When you have your desired experiences mapped out and your ready to book your "Farm Stay" at Past Thyme Farm please just go to our websites convenient Availability Calendar, choose your desired time period and place your reservation.  It really is that simple! 

We will then contact you, review your itinerary, address any questions and hopefully finalize your “Farm Stay” at Past Thyme Farm. 

“On-Farm” Summer Activities

“Off-Farm” Summer Activities

We are passionate about our farming lifestyle and look forward to sharing our passion with you!!