Currently Available 

  • Farm Fresh Eggs -- $5.00 / Dozen
  • Fresh Lettuce  --  $ 4.00 / Head
    • Butter Head
    • Red Oakleaf
    • Romaine
  • Basil -- $4.00 / Bunch

At Past Thyme Farm
we grow and produce a variety of different fruits, berries, vegetables, eggs and three types of meat (meatbirds, pork & lamb).   Although it is our intention to grow just for our own needs, in doing so we purposely over produce because you never know what Mother Nature has planned.  Thus, we will always have excess farm products available throughout the season, which we try to make available to family, friends and neighbors through our Farm Store.  We encourage you to bookmark our website and when your looking for locally grown, naturally raised farm goodie’s, please keep us in mind.

Just give us a call at 509-662-7699 if interested in purchasing listed products.